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One Moment: Dean and Cas

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Supernatural: Gif challenge

1st gif- what your life was like before supernatural

3rd gif- Your initial reaction when you started watching Supernatural Season 1

7th gif- The first time you noticed how green Dean’s eyes were

10th gif- You found out Papa Winchester was hiding from the boys. 

13th gif- Your reaction at the end of Season 1 

16th gif- First time you saw Everybody Loves a Clown

20th gif- first time you met the Trickster.

24th gif- First time you saw Sam shirtless

26th gif- Sammy Dies

29th gif- Dean goes to Hell

30th gif- Cas comes struttin’ onto the screen

32nd gif- General feels of Season 5

34th gif- General feels of Season 6

36th gif- Your ride so far in Season 7

40th gif- Feelings while waiting to hear confirmation of Season 8

LAST GIF IN YOUR FOLDER-Your thoughts on Losing Cas and Bobby

(that gif is me…)

Gif representing how accurate your challenge came out:

It wasnt that accurate…

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Not a dry in the house by Meatloaf is destiel.

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This is what happens when I am bored. 

Just read the Supernatural part.

In Supernatural, Mishia “Overlord” Collins plays the angel Castiel and has done since season four, first appearing in Lazarus Rising. Throughout the shows seasons (up until season seven, where his role was put on ‘hold’) with Castiel, there has been a prominent romance with Jensen Ackle’s character Dean Winchester and the pair intend to reenact ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in the seventeenth episode where Castiel returns

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