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Request: Reversal of situations. Clint is the bad guy, and Natasha is sent to kill him

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Natasha blowing up the hospital and clint being sent to kill her ~ Request from loadeddiceexpokerchip

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Because when I’m with him

I am thinking of you…

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Some of my clintasha manipulations from a while ago. Click to enlarge

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Name: Payphone

Characters: Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird

Chapter: Chapter 2

Words: (Including Chapter 1) 2,290

Link: here

Basically based on Payphone and Sad by Maroon 5. Please review, I would love feedback, both positive and negative.

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franky: Clint wasn't in a good mood that day, he had been quite okay in the morning but then Tony had said something -he didn't mean anything bad or cruel, Clint knew- but it had made him think about it. So he went to the only place were he could be without anyone disturbing him: the roof. He had walked to the edge and had sat, crossing his legs. Clint had taken his bow and some arrows with him, just to feel completely at ease and relaxed.
Sian: Natasha had seen Clint walk towards the roof. She knew that something was wrong as that was the one place where he felt normal, and not carry the weight of S.H.I.E.L.D on his shoulders. After about five minutes of seeing him, she followed quietly after. When she had arrived on the rooftop, she kept her distance, taking in her surroundings. She loved to see him like this, the sun setting and him fixing his bow and arrows keeping them all in check. She could do nothing but smile.
franky: "I heard you, Natasha.." he told her, he had heard her breathing just a few seconds before he didn't actually hear her steps when she had walked. Clint knew nobody could hear her getting closer but just her breathing would give her away.
"You can come, I won't let you fall."
Sian: “I know you won’t,” she said walking over to him. She had rested her hand on his shoulder, just smiling at him. Even though he looked stressed with a touch of anger, she sat next to him, wrapping her arms around herself to fight off the cold.
“What did Stark say that’s got you all wound up?”
franky: He looked at her for a moment, he saw her shiver a little. It was probably too cold for her up there. He took off his jacket and put it on her shoulders then, putting his arm around her shoulders too, he hold her closely to himself.
"How did you know it was Stark?" Clint shook his head, "Don't answer that you're Natasha fucking Romanoff you know everything.. and it's nothing important, really."
Sian: “I don’t know everything,” she laughed, “I just know what pushes your buttons, and Stark has a reputation to do that.”
Natasha pulls the jacket tighter around her body, so that she can basically smell Clint’s after shave. She smiles to herself again and then looks up at Clint. He does nothing but just stare at her. If it was anyone else like Stark, she would have him on the floor in a matter of seconds, but for Clint, she made an exception.
franky: "Yeah... I'm pretty obvious some times." he answered giving her just a glimpse of a smile, he moved his gaze from her to the skyline in front of him. It was nearly getting dark and that explained why it was so cold.
"It's nothing really.. just something stupid. He was just fucking around."
Sian: “Clint,” she frowns, “Since when did we get to the phase in our friendship where we kept secrets. Tell me please otherwise you’ll just drive me crazy.”
Natasha looks at him for a couple of seconds more until she follows his gaze to the sunset. She understood why he liked it so much up here. It was away from the everyday chaotic work life that was S.H.I.E.L.D and it was nice to have a few more minutes to herself.
“It really is beautiful up here.”
franky: "It is.. I just love it." he looked at her again and sighed, "Fine, okay.. you're right but it's stupid." he told her, he knew he was making a big thing about something so little. He had overthought it and that wasn't good.
"I can't remember the exact words but the juice of it was.. well I am of no use here. I am human, I bleed easily and die just as easily. I am just very good at aiming and throwing arrows, it's not really something great. Steve as superpowers, Thor is a fucking God, Tony has is suit and anybody who comes near you just dies." he breathed and continued.. "I just.. it's... I-"
Sian Wilson: “Clint!” She snapped glaring at him. She was angry at Stark for saying this, but deep down, she was angrier at the fact that Clint was letting this selfish rich jerk get to him.
“Steve’s superpowers are from a bottle and without it; he’s just a skinny kid from Brooklyn and as for Stark, his suit is just to protect him. It’s nothing than a bit of armor with a few firearms. Without that arc reactor, he’d be dead. I’ll give you Thor since well, he is a god.”
Natasha put her hand on his knee, “Yes we bleed easy, and we will probably die just as fast but I have your back. I won’t let that happen. I owe you my life!”
franky: Clint shook his head and shrugged.
"If you say so, Natasha. But is doesn't matter that Steve's powers are from a bottle, he has it and that will not change.. just like Stark will improve until perfection his suits. What can I do?" he sighed and shook his head again, leaving Natasha's eyes and looking back at the sunset. He couldn't stand /her/ look. "No.. I just sit somewhere high and throw arrows, nothing important to that."
Sian: “When are you going to understand this, what you do is important. If it isn’t then what the hell am I doing here? I used guns; every S.H.I.E.L.D agent can use it just as well as I can. The only difference Fury can see is that I don’t think about who I kill so long as the mission requires it.”
Natasha takes off the jacket that he had gave to her and then hands it back to him. Without saying another word, she walks casually back into the S.H.I.E.L.D base.
franky: Clint looks at the jacket in his lap and then back at the sky. He gets up and follows Natasha in the S.H.I.E.L.D's base. He followed her down the stairs and, while going, he throws the jacket on a chair and puts his bow on his shoulder, passing his arm through it.
Sian: “Seriously Clint, you’re now taking up stalking? Maybe that can be your missing talent,” Natasha says, glaring at her partner.
She moves away from Clint and to the coffee maker. Automatically she gets two cups, one red and one purple and starts making it the way Clint loves. Black but with two sugars, the exact same way she has hers. She hands him a cup and takes the seat closet to him.
franky: Clint chuckles a bit a sits, knowing Natasha was going to bring him his coffee. He didn't know why had se suddenly got up and left the roof but he knew she wanted him to follow.
"Thanks." he said, taking the cup in his hands and drinking some of the coffee, "I thought Thor had broken all of these."
Sian: “He did but I managed to save ours but I will admit, Tony’s coffee mugs have seen better days,” she laughs as she curls up on the seat.
“You know if you’re feeling like your worth nothing for the team, just ask Coulson or Fury for more dangerous missions. It’s worth it, trust me. Stark won’t have any right to moan when all he really does is save himself.”
franky: Clint shook his head. "More dangerous? We nearly die every time! How can there be more dangerous missions, Natasha?" he asnwered, his voice was still calm and low but it was a bit firmer. "And you and I both know that's not true.. Stark's selfish during everydays life but not on the battlefield."
Sian: “You forget, I had to evaluate him for the Avengers the first time round. I had said that he shouldn’t be allowed on the team.” Natasha says as she shakes her head.
Natasha gets up off her seat and gets Tony’s biscuits, she holds the pack out for Clint but he does nothing, so she takes on and leaves them on the table.
“There are always more dangerous missions. You’ll be getting a lot more if you accept you place on the avengers. The only reason I haven’t because it’s not what I do. I’m a spy, not a soldier.”
franky: Clint looked at the packet of biscuits in her hand until she put them on the table. It's not like he was rude but they didn't say -no, thanks though- they didn't need that.
"Yeah, yeah.. he's narcissist and all that but he's a fucking genius. Lets just not talk about him anymore." he answered taking another sip from his drink.
He then nodded, agreeing with her with the soldier thing.
"I am better off alone.. or with another spy. These guys are a bunch of misfits- Steve treats us like soldiers, while Thor like warriors and that's just the same thing. We are spies, we don't work like this nor do we take orders in that way. When someone gives us a mission they tell us what we can and can't do and that's it, they leave the rest to us to decide. But with these guys..." Clint shook his head again, "You just can't reason with them, they give you specific orders, in the tiniest detail and if you move or do something of your own they scold you like a five-year-old."
Sian: “Then we’ll just ignore them like a five year old. I know its petty, but it’s the only way they will start to take us seriously. Thor keeps on comparing me to some Sif woman from Asgard, I’ll assume and Steve keeps being very awkward around me, like he’s never spoken to a woman before. Stark just likes to stare at my chest and piss me off, I think that’s his talent.”
franky: "You know I am worried about Stark... I caught him checking my butt too. I mean.." he grinned at her and continued: "I know my body's fucking awesome and nobody can resist it but I don't want Stark staring at me."
Sian: “Well, your butt is nice to look at, I’m surprised you haven’t caught me looking,” she said as she winked at him, “please tell me that you have seen Steve looking at Starks ass or is that just me?”
franky: Clint laughed and nodded. "Who told you I haven't noticed? The point is: I don't mind." he chuckled, his laughter getting calmer. "And I did, though I thought it was just me.. I really am scared of what he could do to Steve's innocent mind."
Sian: “After a night with Stark, well put it this way, Steve probably wouldn’t be fighting on our side. Stark has a way of doing that.” Natasha laughs so hard that her coffee spills onto the floor. She looks up at Clint and for a moment they are caught in each others gaze and then they laugh.
“Fury is going to kill me,” she laughs again, “oh and if you have notice my wondering eye, why haven’t you said anything, you usually take up any opportunity.”
franky: Clint laughed, putting his cup on the table so he wouldn't spill it like Natasha had; he laughed so hard his cheeks started to hurt. But then he calmed down and, before answering to Natasha's question he winked at her.
"Cause if I did you would stop and then my butt would miss your gaze and it would start crying." he chuckled again.
Sian: “Your butt would cry and trust me, I wouldn’t stop looking” she says with yet another wink
franky: "I know, right? My body's just so awesome nobody can help but stare." he winked at her again and then got up to put the cup in the sink. "Mmm.. i'll just wash it now or someone will kill me." he started cleaning the cup, trying not to freeze with the cold water or burn himself with the hot one.
Sian: "I'll have to go soon. I have a de-brief on some new mission that Fury says I have to go on." She says putting her cup in the sink.
Her hand slightly brushes past his hands that are now warm due to the running water.
"See you tonight?" she says rather awkwardly
franky: Clint smiles at her, turning his head slightly to look at her in the eyes while cleaning her cup too.
"I think we should go out tonight.. but not classy resturants or anything elegant. I was thinking about fast foods or pizza."
Sian: "You must have read my mind. I'll order the pizza and you just bring the beer." she says as her smile spreads across her face.
As she reaches the door she turns back to face him, "Your place or mine?"
franky: "It's pratically the same place but lets do yours so you can just fall asleep when you're tired and I won't have to take you bridal-style up two flights of stairs." he chuckles and then smiles at her. "Have fun with your mission."
Sian: "You couldn't carry me," she laughs as she leaves for her mission.
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