Harry was the favorite kid and he wasn’t even an official part of the family

Because Molly knows exactly how the Dursleys treat him. There’s no way Ron wouldn’t tell her. And Molly Weasley is a Mother. She gets a capital M because she is goddamn phenomenal at what she does. When she hears Harry Potter is on the train to Hogwarts in Book 1, her reaction isn’t to be starstruck. It’s to say “that poor dear had to come here all on his own.” Molly Weasley loves harder than anyone. She loves like it’s her sole reason for being. And when she hears there’s a poor boy who has never known love his whole life… how could she not?

In Year One Molly Weasley knit Harry a Weasley family sweater and made him homemade chocolate so he would have something to open on Christmas DON’T TOUCH ME

could I also just add that kids from abusive households tend to assume that yelling is directed at them and/or it heralds something bad for them so she’s making extra sure that he knows that this is not his fault and she’s not actually mad at him.

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Imagine this tho, based on the theory that the name keys for the list is based of of the people that the Nogitsune killed.

They’re all huddled around Lydia’s computer, trying to find out the last person’s name after figuring the pattern out.

Their out of ideas and out…

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Teen Wolf 4.05 I.E.D.: Malia Tate

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Next to Normal

Cause what doesn’t kill me doesn’t kill me
So fill me up for just another day.

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"Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills, running for our lives, as fast as we can."

—Malia has been here for ten fucking minutes and she gets it. Let’s leAVE. (via truebetaderek)
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So my boyfriend did a thing.


My boyfriend of over 2 years sent me a game over skype. He said he wants to try and make Pokemon games since I play them so much. I opened it up and was super excited.


It seemed really well done and was super ready to start on my adventure!


He left a lot of…

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Full Wolf Speculation @ Wolfsbane 2

So about two months ago I posted a teen wolf theory regarding the full wolves (can read it here) and how I thought it was a genetic thing. I study Forensic Science focusing on genetics and genetic engineering, so basically my theory was based on genetics. My theory was that the full wolf form only happens to the eldest child of each generation. Assuming Talia was the oldest Hale child, then Laura was her oldest child and Malia (though technically a Tate) was the eldest child of that generation could all fully shift. I said Peter was the anomaly which is why his was more of a monster wolf.

At Wolfsbane 2, I asked Tyler Hoechilin about this theory (he seemed really impressed and he is just a big ball of sunshine) and he told me the real reason behind it. Tyler said that Jeff has explained it that the full wolf was a rare thing because it shown that the werewolf was closest to their animal form and to nature. In regards to Peter, Tyler said that Peter wasn’t close to either nature or his animal form when he became alpha. Tyler said because Peter was so broken after the fire and how it had effected him shown in his wolf form. He said that Jeff wanted Peter’s wolf to be like  the classic werewolf horror movie.

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Phoebe Buffay Best Comebacks

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